ESTA Cremona 2019 (en)

ESTA Cremona 2019

ESTA members were lucky to have a chance to participate to a wonderful town of Cremona this year from 26th April to 1st May.
I had a chance to join in during three days from 26th to 29th April.
All ESTA members got a greeting from President of ESTA International Bruno Giuranna, President of ESTA Italia Jill Comerford, Director ISSM ”Claudio Monteverdi” Cremona Conservatorium Anne Colette Ricciardi, Regional Minister of Tourism, Territorial Marketing and Fashion Lara Magoni, Lord Mayor of the City of Cremona Gianluca Galimberti, President of Provincia di Cremona Davide Viola and President of the Cremona Chamber of Commerce Gian Domenico Auriccio.

Thank You All! Thru this News letter I will send every greeting to Finnish members of ESTA.

After a very exciting flight (there was a huge thunderstorm over Milan while we were supposed to land) and train travel some of ESTA Finland members came to Cremona.

From left to right:
Marja Korpela, Helli Seppä, Päivi Arjas, Merit Palas, Heidi M. Mantere.

Presidents´ Meeting after quick Registration was quite short moment for me. I had a chance to say hello and bring some ideas from ESTA Helsinki 2021 until now.
ESTA Helsinki will be arranged from 3rd to 7th August, 2021. The main partner to SJO/ ESTA is Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki. Together with the board of ESTA Finland and The Head of String Department Päivi Arjas we are strong to make a successful conference, I believe.

Future ESTA conferences:
2020 Porto, Portugal (from April 16th to 20th)
2021 Helsinki, Finland (from August 3rd to 7th)
2022 Graz, Switzerland (ESTA 50 yrs)
2023 Cardiff, UK
2024 Belgium
2025 Netherlands

On Friday 26th evening were enjoyed a wonderful program from cellist Antonio Meneses on Cremona Town Hall.

President of ESTA Italia Jill Comerford


Antonio Meneses

We enjoyed later in the evening from the tasteful hospitality of Cremona Town in Cremona Town Hall.

From left to right with me:
Anne Silvennoinen, Päivi Arjas and Sirkka Kuula

Saturday 27th was a full day starting at 9.00 until 22.30. Many of the lectures was held in Amati Pavilion, Museo del Violino.

Outside of Museo del Violino with Lauri Hämäläinen, Helli Seppä, Sanna Mikkola-Blumberg, Inga Nikander, PIia Tuohino ja Sari Lehtoranta-Ståhl


We heard topics from Navarra´s Bowing by Sandra Belic, Colourstrings/ Minifiddlers by Géza Szilvay, European String Teachers Association Postgraduate Certificate by Philip Aird in morning sessions.

Sandra Belic


From right to left:
Bruno Giuranna, Géza Szilvay, Heidi M. Mantere.


Philip Aird


Saturday 27th we enjoyed amazing viola playing in Cremona City Hall by Nicoletta Pignataro, Monica Spatari and Sonila Dungaj with wonderful pianist Clara Dutto.

Student from Bruno Giuranna:
Monica Spatari, viola
Clara Dutto, piano
Sala Consulta in Cremona Town Hall.

One of the most important ESTA Helsinki 2021 meetings we had with ESTA board member John Shayler on Saturday afternoon. I am happy that I spent almost two hours with John, Päivi Arjas and Merit Palas planning the future conference in Helsinki.

We need topic to our conference. If you have a good idea, please contact to

Proposals and abstracts between January to March 2020 by e-mail
Invitations to ESTA Helsinki 2021 Program will be sent after September 2020.

Advertising, co-operating:
If you want to join in and support our coming conference, let us know.
Some information to advertisers already on our website

More info coming in 2020!

With Merit Palas and Päivi Arjas.

After our ESTA Helsinki 2021 meeting I had a chance to hear a short cut from La Follia topic by Maria Gabriella Zen (1957), a Venetian composer.
La Folia or Follia literally meaning madness or folly, was originally a sort of wild Porthugese dance first documented in the 16th century.

After Bohdan Warchal ”The natural and effective sound production from a scientific point of view” lecture all ESTA members present had a chance to listen to ESTA String Orchestra´s lovely program including Maria Gabriella Zen World premiere ”Variazioni e Corale sulla Follia” per orchestra d´archi. They also played Nino Rota Concerto for strings, O. Respighi Antiche Dance ed arie and G. Verdi String quartet in the arrangement for string orchestra by Arturo Toscanini.
This ensemble was breathing amazingly together and they played the whole program without a conductor! Congratulations!
Thank You also to the council of ESTA Foundation President Werner Schmitt insured the necessary financing of the project for 2019.

ESTA String Orchestra 2019 in Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi,
Museo del Violino.


From left to right:
John Shayler, Heidi M. Mantere, Päivi Arjas and Merit Palas in Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi.


Early Sunday Morning was Deligates´ Meeting starting at 9.00.

ESTA family has a new member, Ireland. Most welcome! We are almost 3500 members all together nowadays in 23 branches in Europe. More info
ESTA family is hoping to have a chance to Spain to join in the future and is looking for a new start with Romania.

ESTA Finland board needs to give a candidate names to ESTA International board president and vice-president. Bruno Giuranna and Mark Lambrecht are stepping out after Porto 2020 Presidents´ Meeting.
Contact to e-mail

Conference Guidelines are on pages
ESTA International board member Kristian Kohlman will help website problems, if needed.

ESTA Helsinki 2021 was introduced to ESTA International Delegates. Guide lines were from meetings with Päivi Arjas, Merit Palas and John Shayler.

A pic from Deligates Meeting, ESTA International board members and some ESTA members.

1001 Strings of the World Sunday 28th in Piazza del Comune with Aleksey Igudesman, Cremona was played from 12.00 to 17.00. Allmost all 20 ESTA Finland members came to picture taking moment, sun was shining and music was full of fun!

ESTA Finland goes stronger conference after conference!

Gala Dinner on Sunday evening was held in Palazzo Trecci.

From left to right with me:
Satu Jalas, her daughter Silvia and Merit Palas.


From right to left:
Merit, Silvia, Satu, Werner Schmitt and his lovely wife.

Monday morning I woke up early to listen to Vildana Repse School for Violin Techers performance with Tartini Orchestra in Amati Pavilion, Museo del Violino. The demonstration with the concert performance of the String ensemble of the Tartini Music Studio pupils seemed to be worth of waking up early enough.

String ensemble of the Tartini Music Studio pupils.


Had a chance to play with beautiful Amati copy made by violinmaker Maurizio Tadioli.


Visited violinmaker Marcello e Vittorio.


Violinmaker Marcello at work.

ESTA Cremona 2019 went until 1st of May, but my time in Cremona was over on Monday afternoon.
I thank all the ESTA International board members, all ESTA members who visited in Cremona, it was nice to see you again!

Thank you Jill Comeford for you marvelous work to make this conference happen! Thank all the supporters and thank you for your greetings to us, ESTA members.

Thank You ESTA Cremona 2019!

Meet you next time in Porto 2020.

Thank you for the pic Anna Gebert!


Most welcome to ESTA Helsinki 2021!

From behalf of SJO/ESTA Finland board

Heidi M. Mantere
President of ESTA Finland

Call for Proposals ESTA Helsinki 2021 on Jan 2020-March 2020 (not before):

All pictures (except Porto pic) and text:
Heidi M. Mantere

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