ESTA Helsinki 2026

ESTA Helsinki siirtyy vuodelle 2026!

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Helsinki, 28 September 2020

ESTA Helsinki to take place from 4th to 8th  August 2026
The Conference will take place in Uniarts Helsinki Sibelius Academy R House
Full address: Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu 9, 00100 Helsinki

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ESTA Finland board has made this decision with the Sibelius Academy String Department and the ESTA Central Board.

I hope to meet all string teachers, students, and musicians live at ESTA Helsinki 2026!

We at ESTA Finland were ready to start working on the ESTA Helsinki 2021 Conference, but the world was not.

We realized that the struggles affecting business, institutions, professional life, concerts, events, and families made this year as well as the next very difficult.

As a result, we cannot even meet each other in person. Zoom, Meets, and distance learning are the best we can do right now.

ESTA Finland’s board members dreamed that a happy, sonorous, interesting, full-of-life conference could take place in Helsinki.

But now it seems that nobody is happy, full of music and joy.

Despite all this, 2021 might well give us all a chance to take a deep breath and try our best to move on.

Music is strong, as, I hope, we all are in the ESTA family. Let’s support each other in this chaotic situation.


ESTA Finland Board

ESTA Finland Members

Tuetaan jousisoitinopettajien, -opiskelijoiden ja -muusikoiden toimintaa jatkossakin yhdessä!

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